Please use the ideas and insight in these articles in your own preaching and ministry. Read on and become a culture vulture preacher. Also feel free to create your very own film club study to generate discussion and further thought!

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The Political Issue

Draw inspiration from the following films for your message: The Last Jedi, Lincoln, The Iron Lady and many more!


Rest and Restoration

Edie, Little Miss Sunshine and Gravity are some of the blockbusters under the spotlight for our Mental Health issue.


Fantasy and fable

See the parallels between these films and how to weave imagination and fable into your own preaching. Top film choices include Wonderstruck, A Wrinkle in Time and Pan’s Labyrinth.


Courage Under Fire

Classic films ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ and XXX are the focus of this Films To Talk About article.


Sequels and Identity

Blade Runner and its reboot Blade Runner 2049 are the films of focus for this issue’s Films to Preach About segment.


Gold and the Silver Screen

Can an industry so steeped in wealth have anything meaningful to say about money? Take a closer look at the characters who are the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ in society.