Issue 16: Preaching and Mental Health

Welcome to the new issue of Preach magazine: Preaching and Mental Health.

Will Van Der Hart, Director of Mind and Soul Foundation, endorses this issue, saying “It is filled with outstanding material."

issue 16 cover.jpg

Specially-commissioned contents about mental health include: interview with Katherine Welby-Roberts; The Word on depression by Jo Swinney; God and suffering by Justin Brierley; Check your mental health by Andre Radmall; Do you know who you’re talking to? by Nathan Jones; and Life after preaching by Katie Stock with columns by Krish Kandiah, Calvin Samuel and Natalie Collins.

Preach is an ecumenical magazine produced by the Leaders of Worship and Preachers Trust (LWPT) to encourage and support all those who preach.

To buy this issue of Preach magazine, Preaching and Mental Health, for the special offer of £6 (incl. FREE P&P), please fill in the form or call the Preach/LWPT office on tel. 01923 231811.



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