Onward! Hymns and Poems 2013–2016

Brian Wren, Stainer & Bell (2016)

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RRP £10.25

Onward! is a collection of hymns and songs by Brian Wren. In it you’ll find a selection of his latest work, as well as some older songs that have been set to new tunes. These are each rich with scriptural imagery, which is the result of many of the songs having been written in response to a Bible passage, or based directly on one of the Psalms.

For some, the best place to find a new hymn will be in a collection such as this, and to you I heartily recommend this collection. Amongst its 40-odd songs (with helpful scriptural and thematic indexes!) I am confident you will find something that will equip you and your church to worship.

That having been said, there are many who will be confident utilising a world of online resources and readily-available music, and it is difficult to recommend a printed resource like this one to those people. You would most likely still be best served by something other than Onward! if forced to choose one or the other. However, if you want to find something a little different, well-crafted, and Bible-soaked, you will not go wrong here.

Reviewed by John Freeman